1st International Course on Deliverance and
Prayers of Liberation

20 - 26 October 2014
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SOM 2015

22 Feb - 12 Jul
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Session 1 of 4:
The Symphony

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Session 2 of 4:
A Door

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Session 3 of 4:
A Little Young Boy

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Session 4 of 4:
Indiana Jones

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We are Lay, Catholic & Radical

“Two thousand years ago twelve Apostles gave their lives to make Christ known and loved. Throughout the centuries since then, the Gospel has continued to spread by means of men and women inspired by that same missionary fervour. Today too there is a need for disciples of Christ who give unstintingly of their time and energy to serve the Gospel.  There is a need for young people who will allow God’s love to burn within them and who will respond generously to his urgent call….”

Pope Benedict XVI
WYD’ 08

Continuing the mission

The ICPE Mission is a direct response to that call, lived out in the lives of ordinary men and women, who, like the apostles after Pentecost, “cannot keep from speaking about what (they) have seen and heard” (Acts 4:20). 
The living testimony of ICPE missionaries has touched thousands of lives by the love of God, and inspired many to a life of discipleship with Jesus.  Young people around the globe continue to receive missionary training and discover the call to evangelise.  Yes, in such a time as this, Christ continues to accomplish the extraordinary deeds of His love through ordinary lives!

Browse through our site to discover how the Spirit of God is moving in our world today.  Be inspired by the stories of young people and their daily ‘yes’ to go to all nations and make Christ known and loved.

Come and see...

What do I do to become a missionary?
What does a missionary do?
How do I know if God is calling me to be a missionary?

Simply, find the answers for yourself. Come and see...

In our communities in different countries, there are opportunities for you to come and see for yourself, to get to know us, experience the different ministries, and most of all, to check out if this is what Lord is calling you to.

Contact the ICPE community nearest to you, and start asking your questions! You can come for a weekend, a month or for several months. Click here