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About ICPE Mission

The Institute for World Evangelisation - ICPE Mission, is an International Association of Christ's faithful of Pontifical Right and is the missionary arm of the Glory of God International Covenant Community, which started out in Malta (see also our history for more detail on this) as a local community. In the following years, many other covenant communities around the world flourished as part of the Glory of God International Covenant Community.

There are within the Glory of God International Covenant Community (GOGICC) , two main expressions to date: the local communities and the missionary communities.

Local Communities:

In the local communities, members and their families live in their own homes, have secular employment and come together regularly for prayer, fellowship and ministry. In doing so, they effect their local surroundings with the Gospel of Christ.

 The local communities are found in 

  • Poland (Lublin)
  • Indonesia (Jakarta)
  • Italy (Sicily)
  • India (Banglore and Kolkata)
  • Australia (Sydney)
  • Singapore
  • Malta

Missionary Communities:

The ICPE Mission constitutes the missionary arm of the Glory of God International Covenant Community.

The ICPE Mission Spiritual Family:

 Throughout the years the ICPE Mission established residential communities and households. Besides these are also our "Companions" and "Friends" living the charism of the ICPE Mission in the heart of society.

ICPE Missionary Communities and/or ICPE Communities of Companions are spread in these countries around the world:

  • Philippines (Tagaytay)
  • Germany (Mannheim)
  • New Zealand (Wellington)
  • India (Bangalore)
  • Korea (Seoul)
  • Ghana (Kumasi)
  • USA (Oregon)
  • Malta
  • Singapore
  • Italy (Rome)
  • Colombia (Medellin)
  • Malaysia (Sabah)

ICPE Missionary Communities

The ICPE missionary communities vary in size from 3 to 20 members. These households and communities are made up of  ICPE missionaries who are fully engaged with their lives and resources in mission, in particular in their availability to serve the mission ad gentes.

For more information on where we are in the world and our main ministries click here. You find also more information on our lifestyle by a click here.

Communities of Companions of the ICPE Mission

Attached to the ICPE Mission are the Companions - covenanted members whose personal vocation places them at the heart of society, living the ICPE charism and spirituality at the workplace, in the family and in the Church, wherever these members live. Through their talents and resources they help further the aims of the ICPE Mission.

Friends of the ICPE Mission

The Friends of the ICPE Mission are "members at heart" and as such informally linked to the  ICPE Mission. Even though they are not committed to the ICPE Mission, the Friends participate in the grace of the Mission and endeavour to live according to the spirit which characterises it. They are united in prayer, fraternal love and common service to the Church with the ICPE community members and other Friends of the Mission.

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