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Life in Community

The ICPE missionary communities worldwide are called to a life of Worship and Evangelisation. The communal lifestyle we live in the various Mission Centres is intrinsic to God's call and invitation to come together as a people, to know Him and to make Him known. We have come together from all walks of life, states of life, nationalities and ages. What unites us is the common inner experience of living under the Lordship of Christ in the power of the Holy Spirit.

Our life together

Our daily schedule includes a range of activities; from the preparation of meals and general house cleaning, to times for prayer and preparations for pastoral and evangelistic projects. We value ongoing formation about our faith, our life together and different aspects of our ministry. We share our lives more concretely and care for one another by belonging to a small group, a cell within the larger body of the community. Meanwhile, individuals have a prayer partner who provides different aspects of pastoral care, depending on the individual's needs.


Life in ICPE includes personal prayer, Liturgy and communal prayer. Our mission of making Jesus known to others can only be accomplished through our own daily commitment to know Jesus more - to love Him more dearly, to follow Him more closely, to serve Him more fully. Our desire is to be transformed into true and quality disciples


Each of us is responsible for our life before God, and makes his or her own decisions. Yet we seek input and the support and wisdom of other mature brothers and sisters in the process of making these decisions in our personal lives. For issues relating directly to community life, we frequently gather for times of prayer and consultation as communities. Every community has a yearly preached retreat for one week. This is a highlight of our year, since the Lord always uses this time to refresh, equip and unite us with renewed vision and direction for the year ahead.

Trusting God's providence

The ICPE missionary communities live on God's providence. Individually, we trust God to provide for our basic personal needs... from toothpaste to a family car! As for our communal everyday needs and extraordinary ones, we trust God together to supply them through individuals whom He prompts into helping us.


Jesus calls us to bring the Good News to all creation! In the ICPE Mission we seek to obey His call through the witness of our lives as well as through various means of communication - including testimony, preaching, dance, drama, music and multi-media. Whether out on the streets, in Catholic parishes, in schools and colleges, at the prison, soup kitchen or hospital... wherever people hunger and thirst we want to bring the truth and love of God.


Singles in the Mission are an integral part of the ICPE Missionary community. As brothers and sisters, they participate in the life of the Mission Centre and continue the work of evangelisation wherever God sends them.


Families in the Mission also live and serve within the missionary centre. Every family has its own quarters where the family unit is sustained and protected. The family lives out the call to worship and evangelisation through regular participation in the daily life of the centre – prayer, work, family time, fellowship and missionary outreach.

Priests and Seminarians

Priests and Seminarians have become a vital part in the ICPE Mission. In 2010 the first ICPE missionary priest was ordained and in the following years two more priests having completed their studies at the Pontifical Urbaniana University in Rome became part of the fraternity.

The priests follow the spirituality of the community which is Ignatian and Charismatic while responding radically to the call of evangelisation  - leading people to a personal encounter with Jesus, through the sacraments, retreats, recollections, counselling, formation programs, seminars etc.  

For further information on the priests of the ICPE Mission you can contact Fr. Tony Alex. Email:

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Christina Chua, Singapore says:

God blessed me through the gift of community even as He gave me grace to respond to His call to be a missionary.

I am grateful that His call placed me among brothers and sisters who are not only committed to the same call but who are also committed to be family and to love and care for one another.

Being able to share life and faith and a good cup of coffee are some of the treasures of community life for me.

The unique personalities, giftings and wisdom of the different members of community have blessed and enriched me personally and nurtured me in my calling as a missionary. Praise God!