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Companions of the ICPE Mission

ICPE missionaries in the marketplace

Companions are covenanted members of the ICPE Mission whose personal vocations place them as salt and leaven in the heart of society, living out the ICPE charism and spirituality in the workplace, home, parish and wherever they are at large.

The Spirit of Communion

Every Community of Companions is closely associated with a sister ICPE Missionary Community Centre, as well as a local community of the GOGICC. This helps foster a spirit of communion in the call and charisms of worship and evangelisation.

An Active Apostolate

Being members of the ICPE Mission, Companions serve the mission of the Church through a vibrant and active apostolate developed in various ways depending on personal choices, gifts, charisms and vocations. They serve local and overseas communities throughout the world, inside and outside the Catholic Church.


As covenanted members of the ICPE family, Companions live out their covenant concretely by coming together regularly with other Companions in the same country for Christian support, growth and service in the Church, thus forming a Community of Companions within the ICPE Mission in a particular country. They are also connected to the communities worldwide through regular communication.


Prospective Companions undergo a process of formation to become covenanted members of the GOGICC. The process of formation helps them understand and live more responsively their call as missionary disciples, with particular emphasis on the unique spirituality and charisms of ICPE Mission.

Covenanted Companions continue to undergo formation not only on a personal level, but are exposed to a constantly evolving and deepening of the ICPE Mission's charisms and spirituality.



  • live out the spirituality of the GOGICC primarily through deepening their prayer life - regular reading and meditation onScriptures, Liturgy of the Hours, examination of consciousness, and wholehearted, regular participation in the Sacraments - in whichever way that corresponds to their lifestyle and daily schedule;
  • meet regularly as community to pray, share life, and encourage each other in their growth as missionary disciples of Christ;
  • have a personal spiritual director who journeys with each of them personally;
  • have an annual community and personal retreat; and
  • commit themselves to ongoing transformation in Christ.

Countries where ICPE Companions are:
Korea, Singapore, USA, New Zealand, Malaysia, Malta, Poland, Ghana

Associate Members of the ICPE Mission

Associate Members are members of the ICPE Mission who live out ICPE charisms, but for valid reasons, are non-covenanted members of the GOGICC.

These reasons may include:

  • the lack of possibility to live out the covenant in a tangible way with others who live in close proximity and share the same call.
  • the situation where only one spouse is expressing the desire to share in this call.
  • the case of religious brothers and sisters who desire to share in the covenant of the community while retaining membership in their primary community.

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Family Eggersberger

Hello, We are Michael and Teresa and our five little children Clara, Miriam, Sophia, Elija and Joel.
For a long time, we desired to serve the Lord in the Catholic Church through evangelisation. As we worked with renewal movements and led different seminars, our need to be trained and formed in evangelisation grew as did our need to discern God’s vocation for our lives. So in 2008, we participated in the ICPE School of Mission (SOM) in Allerheiligen, Germany, to see how the Lord would lead us.
After the School and having taken time to discern, in 2010 we founded an evangelistic association called “Lebendiges Wasser e.V.” (Living Waters). We work mainly in a parish in Halfing (Bavaria) where we give and organize different seminars and courses, lead the confirmation groups, etc. Michael is also studying theology in order to become a deacon.
Since our SOM, we remained in contact with the ICPE Mission as we felt the desire to somehow be tied to this missionary community. In fact, we started the formation to become Companions of the ICPE Mission.