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Firebrandz is the international Youth Ministry of the ICPE Mission. Most ICPE mission centres around the world are engaged in ongoing Youth Ministry, with an emphasis on discipleship, mentoring, worship and evangelisation but also fun and games!

Firebrandz is an umbrella for all these efforts and coordinates international youth events. This is particularly visible in the lead up of every World Youth Day. The ICPE Mission is actively involved in the spiritual preparation of pilgrims to these World Youth days and many times takes groups of pilgrims from the countries of our mission centres to WYD.

Firebrandz gathers pilgrims in the days before each World Youth Day for an International Youth Festival. These Festivals are dynamic and fun, full of great teaching and awesome speakers, times of adoration, prayer and ministry and fantastic concerts with christian artists from various countries.


To bring Christ to the nations and transform every strata of our societies through the Gospel values


  1. To inspire Catholic youth to make Christ known and loved 

  2. To be a network for youth and all involved with youth evangelisation for the purposes of:
    • sharing their faith, resources, experiences
    • developing strategies of evangelisation
    • new forms of mission

  3. To promote a lifestyle of worship and evangelisation among youth

  4. To cultivate among youth a passionate participation in the rich sacramental and liturgical life, appreciation of the tradition of Catholic prayer and spirituality, ongoing formation in Catholic doctrine and participation in the Church’s youth pastoral plan

  5. To enable youth to participate in missions that spread the Kingdom of God through proclamation and mercy work.

  6. To build unity among Catholic youth from different nations, cultures, languages, backgrounds, that we may witness that God has sent his Son.

Reaching these Goals

  • Firebrandz Youth Ministries in different nations
  • Firebrandz Youth Festivals at each World Youth Day
  • Regional forums aimed at raising a new generation of leaders who will engage our society with the Gospel
  • Humanitarian and social exchanges of youths across nations

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