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about us

ICPE Mission India was officially opened in 1999 by the then Archbishop of the archdiocese of Bangalore, Most Rev.Ignatius Paul Pinto. The result of a vision that had long been in the hearts of Fritz and Diana Mascarenhas, who had served with the ICPE mission for ten years in Malta and the Philippines before returning to India.
Situated in Richmond Town, Bangalore, in the south of the country. This community operates from the private ancestral residence of the Mascarenhas’, with hope and efforts on for a more appropriate mission centre in the near future.

Spirituality: Worship and Evangelisation
We are ordinary people from different parts of the world who have come together in response to God’s call to share the Good News and to witness His love through living as a community.
We are the fruits of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal and follow the Ignatian Spirituality of 'Contemplation in Action'.

Our Lifestyle
We live an intense life of regular liturgy, community and personal prayer, sharing in cell groups & individually, in-house work, ongoing formation, celebrations, recreation and outreach through ministries and missions. We strive to seek God’s will in our lives daily and live depending on His providence.


The beginning of a future Community of Companions in Bangalore, India

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Outreach and Mission

The Mission of the ICPE is to share the Good News on the streets, in schools, prisons, churches, prayer groups and wherever God opens doors. We provide faith-formation through youth work, seminars, retreats and parish missions around the country and abroad.

Building the Faith - Retreats

Life begins in Christ and continues in Him. ICPE Mission- India brings this truth alive in schools, colleges, at professional institutions, training centres, hospitals, medical institutions and house groups.

Sharing the Word of Truth - Bible Study

Can a lay person understand the Bible by himself?

The ICPE Mission addresses these questions through regular Bible studies for children, youth and adults in parishes and homes.

School of Missions

ICPE Mission India runs a 6 week School of Evangelisation (SOE) and a 3-month School of Mission (SOM). These are residential courses that oer the prospects of missionary life for the participants. Days of rich and inspiring Catholic Teaching followed by a month of hands-on missionary experience that challenge these participants to move ahead as disciples for Christ. The School takes place in a multi-cultural, international community setting. Its schedule includes liturgy, prayer, lectures, projects, small sharing groups, one to one nurturing, team work, fun and fellowship.

Ministry in Vernacular Languages

Every tribe, every tongue, will praise the Lord:
Two thirds of India’s population do not speak English. But Jesus’ love finds expression in any language. Hungry people flock to ICPE- India prayer meetings in Tamil and Kannada, five times a week in various parts of Bangalore city.

Woman 2 Woman

The Older Women Shall Teach the Younger:

Every month on the second Saturday, women congregate at the ICPE Mission centre to worship the Lord. This is the ‘Woman to Woman’ ministry where life-giving messages are delivered to women as they discover their dignity as daughters of God and live their lives spreading this vital truth.

Ministry for Couples

A Husband and Wife Shall be One:

Divorce, live-in relationships, same sex marriages, and complex parenting have grossly distorted perceptions of family life. The Bible likens the love of a husband for his wife to the love that Jesus has for His church. There’s a celebration of this truth in the Holy Family Ministry; a prayer meeting, for couples and a few single folk too, every Sunday evening. That's Holy Family Ministry!

Ministry to Children

Little Children see the Kingdom of Heaven: 

Jesus said that we must become like little children to enter the Kingdom of heaven. ICPE India leads a children’s prayer meeting with skits, action songs, audio visuals and games to make the truth of Jesus come alive on Sundays while their respective parents attend the Couples ministry at the same venue.

Youth Ministry

Let No One Despise Your Youth:

Yeshua Adonai Youth, the youth wing of the ICPE Mission is a vibrant, zestful gathering of teens and young adults, drawn from different streams, pulsating with the life of Jesus. Every Saturday evening this group meets to immerse themselves deeper in love with Jesus, and to be his witness.
The Mission helps these youth in their walk of discipleship through regular Praise and Worship, teachings, mentoring and sharing life. 

Mercy Work; Jeevan Daan

Study Home Project:

Our mercy work project through our trust Jeevan daan (gift of life in Hindi lanuage), provides study support and bolsters about eighty school going children who come from humble background of parents who are daily wage earners. Teaching assistants are roped in to help these vulnerable boys and girls with tuitions to draw their attention and importance to academics in their challenging environment.

Prison Ministry

People are put into prison for different reasons; some due to habits and actions beyond their control.A majority for breaking the law and order of the land leading to criminal cases.
 A group from ICPE Mission reach out to prisoners in the Central Jail in Bangalore every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday to bring new hope to the prisoners through prayers, counselling, faith formation, catechising them for reception of sacraments and supporting with Eucharistic celebrations. 

Outreach at a Popular Shrine

Infant Jesus Shrine, a spiritual landmark in Bangalore sees people of all faith throng in for prayers and petitions on Thursdays. This being the day of novena the entire team from the mission reach out to people of all faith sharing the love of Christ and encouraging them to progress in their spiritual journey with Him. This is done with an exclusive collaboration with the Archdiocesan Catholic Enquiry Centre of Bangalore.

Renewing the Parish

The Missionaries from ICPE are constantly at work at the local parish in preparing candidates through faith-formation for sacramentsand sunday classes for children. A dedicated team also assists in leading Holy hours, supporting choirs and other liturgical activities and celebrations to bring in a renewal and a revival of our parish community. 

Hospital Ministry

‘When I was sick you visited Me’:

Once a week the Mission sends its missionaries to a hospital close by, to pray and comfort the sick, encouraging them to believe that Jesus is the liberator and healer of all inrmities.

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