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Milestones on our journey

Trace the historic moments of the ICPE Mission throughout the years!
Click on any year in the timeline and see how God revealed Himself and brought us closer to fulfill His Will. We give thanks for His faithfulness and protection.

1978 - 1985

The Vision Begins

In 1978, while Mario Cappello was attending a YWAM School of Evangelism in Lausanne, the Lord started prompting him to bring an evangelistic community together. This call was shared with the Catholic Charismatic Renewal of Malta in October 1979. Following the first Evangelisation Course organized by the Renewal and that Mario led, a group of people came together to form community.

This initial gathering of people took its first concrete form as a community on the 8 December 1979. The community began to meet in different homes for praise and worship, formation and evangelistic outreaches and was soon growing in numbers.

The call

Over time, the particular call of the community to Worship and Evangelisation became clear even as the Lord was pointing it to the international dimension it would have.

The first School of Evangelisation

This led the community to support Mario and his wife Anna in running its first School of Evangelisation in January 1985 which attracted 20 participants from 14 different nations. It was with this School that the ICPE Mission was launched and subsequently became the missionary expression of the Glory of God International Covenant Community.



A School of Evangelisation was conducted for Vision Carriers, men and women from all five continents were called to spread the Good News throughout the world as ICPE missionaries.

The Holy Father Pope John Paul II gave his personal support and encouragement to the ICPE Mission. The Mission's vision was presented to him during a private dinner with the ICPE Mission's Founders, Mario and Anna Cappello at the Pope's summer residence in Castel Gandolfo.


Catching the Vision

Twelve of the participants in the School of Evangelisation in Rome joined the ICPE Mission. These twelve, together with other ICPE staff members, formed an international Catholic community of lay people from diverse cultures and backgrounds.

This became known as "the M'Xlokk experience" in memory of the village in Malta where these beginnings took place. Members of this community came from Mexico, Germany, South Korea, the USA, Holland, Malta, and New Zealand.


Dynamic Activity

At the request and invitation of the local bishops, the ICPE Mission conducted other Schools of Evangelisation for Vision Carriers in Rome and New Zealand.

Mission Teams

The ICPE Mission sent a mission team to South-East Asia, where they spent two months living in the jungle and sharing the Good News. During this experience, they witnessed the manifestation of God's power through conversions and healing.

A second mission team set out to spread the Gospel in the concrete jungles of Germany and England, evangelising and encouraging others to do the same.


Leadership Training Programme

The ICPE Mission recognised the need for training individuals in order to establish missionary communities. For this reason, a special seven month intensive training programme was conducted for potential leaders. This programme proved to be a special encounter with God. The ICPE missionaries were left with the certainty that God was about to spread them throughout the world and establish them within different missionary communities. Doors opened in New Zealand and our first School of Evangelisation was held at St Gerard's Monastery in Wellington


The Great Diaspora

After the School of Evangelisation in Wellington, a mission team was sent to scout New Zealand for a year to evangelise and become familiar with the people and the land of New Zealand.

The ICPE Mission conducted a School of Evangelisation in Nigeria in which thirty-five persons participated. During their time in this African nation, the ICPE missionaries organised a number of retreats and seminars.

An ICPE Mission team travelled to Sibu, East Malaysia, to conduct a School of Evangelisation and reach out in other ways with the Gospel message.

Establishment of Mission Centres

The Church in Mainz, Germany, made available to the ICPE Mission a beautiful property in the Black Forest. Through the first School of Evangelisation held in this centre, God called 20 people to join the ICPE Mission.

Various outreach teams travelled to the Czech Republic, Russia, Ireland, the USA and Poland, establishing many contacts and sowing seeds of the Gospel.

The new premises for the ICPE Mission in Malta was inaugurated in September of 1990 when the ICPE Mission team moved into the 'San Martin' residence.

1991 - 1993

International Staff Conference

In 1991, an International Staff Conference brought all ICPE Mission staff members together in Allerheiligen, Germany. This event took place again in 1993.

Canonical Recognition

The ICPE Mission received formal Diocesan Canonical Recognition as an Association of Christ's Faithful from the Archdiocese of Malta

ICPE Mission Centre in Wellington, New Zealand

In September of 1993 the purchase of St Gerard's Monastery was finalised. To this day it continues to be our centre for all our activities in the South Pacific and the place of numerous Schools of Mission.

The first outreach to Albania, conducted by a team from Malta, took place in 1993. Other teams were sent from Germany to Sabah, the Netherlands and Belgium

1994 - 1996

In 1994 a team was sent from the Malta Centre to Asia for six months to organise evangelistic outreaches and Schools of Evangelisation in Sarawak, Singapore, the Philippines, Sabah, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Thailand, and China.

Following a community retreat of the German Mission Centre in September 1994, most ICPE Missionaries took their first Covenant to the Glory of God Covenant Community.

Also in September, a team was sent from the German centre on the first outreach to the US. The team spent a month in Oregon, working with youth and parishes.

10 years since it all began in Malta

Most of the ICPE Staff in Europe gathered in Malta to mark the 10th Anniversary of the ICPE Mission. Over the course of 2 months numerous outreaches in schools, on the streets and youth rallies took place in Malta - the birthplace of the ICPE Mission.

Youth Arise International

Youth Arise International, a Catholic Youth Initiative of the ICPE Mission, convened for the first time in Brescia, Italy in July of 1995. Since then YAI became autonomous.


ICPE Mission Ghana
For a number of years the ICPE Mission organised Schools of Evangelisation and formation programmes for catechists in Ghana. In 1997 two Ghanaians became the first co-ordinators of the ICPE Mission in Ghana.

Ghana Mercy Work
ICPE Mission teams laid the foundations for the establishment of a hospital in this region. This project was recognised as one of the 100 projects of Pope John Paul II for the Year of Charity and the Great Jubilee 2000. This project is being carried out by hopeXchange, an initiative of the ICPE Mission.

hopeXchange is an international humanitarian aid organisation dedicated to the integral development of people, and the fostering of charity and justice in the world. Through education, healthcare and sustainable development, hopeXchange is committed to the advancement of marginalised people, to reduce poverty and empower the weak and oppressed to become agents of change.

ICPE Mission Philippines
A community of ICPE missionaries took the plunge into the great harvest field of Asia. In fact, the first ICPE Mission Centre in Asia was officially opened in Manila in 1997.

Residents of Badoza, Spain, experienced great devastation following the historic floods in the winter of 1997. The ICPE Mission responded to this need by sending the first "Mission:/Possible" team to the site of this natural disaster.


ICPE International Office
Upon the invitation of several Vatican officials, the ICPE International Office moved from Allerheiligen, Germany, to Rome in the summer of 1998.

Creative Communications
Creative Communications, a ministry of the ICPE Mission, launched the first International Summer School of Theatrical Arts in Krakow, Poland. Since 2009, Creative Communications became autonomous.

ICPE Mission Poland
ICPE Mission Poland came into being in August 1998 when an ICPE Mission Centre was set up in Maslonskie with the goal of reaching out to Poland, Eastern Europe and beyond.


ICPE Mission India 
A missionary community embarked on the task of setting up the ICPE Institute of Formation and Humanitarian Work in the vast sub-continent of India.

Chicago Outreach 
In June 1999, ICPE Poland travelled to Chicago, Illinois, where they conducted a three week outreach programme predominantly aimed at the Polish community in Chicago. They returned in October 1999.

Mission to Hong Kong 
The first ICPE School of Evangelisation held in the Philippines in August 1999 led to an outreach in Hong Kong. This event opened a number of opportunities in China.


Millennium Films International 
Through an agreement between Inspirational Films and the Institute for World Evangelisation, the ICPE Mission obtained the right to distribute the film "JESUS", an account of the life of Christ drawn from the Gospel according to St. Luke. Following this, ICPE began the arduous task of ensuring that the film conforms with the doctrinal teachings of the Catholic Church.

Woman to Woman 
Born out of the lives of the ICPE women missionaries, Woman to Woman held its first event in Allerheiligen, Germany.


ICPE Mission Indonesia 
In April, the ICPE Mission was established in Indonesia. During that year, the ICPE Mission was involved in the formation of two local communities in Indonesia and Singapore as part of the Glory of God International Covenant Community (GOGICC). As members of the GOGICC, these communities share in the call to Worship and Evangelisation.

Missio Ad Gentes 
Missio ad Gentes - an initiative of the ICPE Mission under the Patronage of the Congregation for the Evangelisation of Peoples, was set up to organise missionary congresses in mission territories and to promote missionary vocations.

Pastoral Care School 
The first Pastoral Care School covering practical and spiritual insights in areas of pastoral counselling and inner healing took place in Allerheiligen, Germany.


An International Private Association of Christ's Faithful with Pontifical Right
On the 19 May, the Feast of Pentecost, the Holy See conferred on the Institute for World Evangelisation - ICPE Mission the status of International Association of Christ's Faithful with Pontifical Right. Concurrently, the Holy See also approved the statutes of the ICPE Mission.

Name change 
From the 9th October 2002, we had a change of name to INSTITUTE FOR WORLD EVANGELISATION– ICPE Mission from ‘International Catholic Programme of Evangelisation` . This was documented in the Decree of Pontifical Recognition from the Holy See. Hence, from this date the acronym I.C.P.E. is to represent the Institute for World Evangelisation, coming from the Italian equivalent for the Institute for World Evangelisation which is “Istituto Internazionale Cattolico per L’Evangelizzazione”.


ICPE Mission Singapore 
At the request of Archbishop Nicholas Chia, a small team was sent to start ICPE Mission Singapore, focusing especially on serving youth and young adults. In the following years a thriving youth ministry was established for the Archdiocese of Singapore. This centre is also a major hub for many ICPE Mission outreaches into Asia.

NZ School brings vision carriers 
After an anointed School of Mission in New Zealand, seven young people caught the ICPE vision, and started a two-year staff formation programme. With the number of Asian brothers and sisters increasing, ICPE New Zealand's vision of reaching into Asia started to materialise. In the following two years of formation, the new missionaries spent several months reaching out in South Korea, Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore. This in turn introduced the ICPE Mission to many future Asian ICPE School participants.


The outreach to China is developed further through the launching of Chinaera.

Diana Mascarenhas, together with some members of ICPE India, led the first "SetFree" programme for Pastoral workers in Bangalore. Since then, the ICPE team continued to minister to large numbers through SetFree retreats in Mumbai, New Delhi and Bangalore itself.

A year later, SetFree seminars have spread all over the world.


20th Anniversary 
On the 17 January, the ICPE Mission celebrated its 20th Anniversary.

Leadership School 
For three weeks, 35 of the ICPE Mission’s leaders from 16 different nations gathered together in fellowship, prayer and with the desire to move deeper in the practical and spiritual areas of leadership.


The call to a radical life: 
Do not be afraid! Let the fire of love consume you!

The Lord once again made known his call and invitation to the ICPE missionaries to live the Gospel radically. As the International Council gathered with Mission Centre Directors for days of prayer and attentive listening to the Lord, the call was loud and clear: a lifestyle of ‘YES’ to Him and trusting in his loving providence for our lives. Our understanding of God’s way of life for us, communal sharing and freedom of detachment, was deepened. Together we were able to express clearer guidelines as to how to continue living this spirituality concretely in our present times.

Empowering the poor with God's compassionate love in the heart of Asia 
With a change of leadership in place, ICPE Mission Philippines also sought the Lord for a fresh direction in 2006. After a process of discernment, it became clear to the members of the small community that God was planting in their heart His love for the poor of this country. In solidarity with the Church in the Philippines and the preferential option for the poor, the new vision of the ICPE Mission Philippines was born - "Empowering the poor with God's compassionate love in the heart of Asia." Since then, this vision has been carried out through a variety of ministries, retreats and outreaches in different provinces of the Philippines.


Pontifical Recognition 
On the 19 May, the Holy See confirmed the pontifical recognition of the Institute for World Evangelisation (that was granted 'ad experimentum' on the 19 May 2002) and approved definitively the institute’s statutes.

ICPE Mission Korea 
After several years of intense involvement in the nation of South Korea by the ICPE Mission, Cardinal Jin-Suk of Seoul gave his blessing to establish a permanent work in South Korea. This marked the birth of ICPE Korea.

The youth of the ICPE Allerheiligen community took it upon themselves to form their own group with the aim of being young people reaching out to other young people through their talent of music, dance and mimes. They chose the name NxtGeneration. Assisted by Trish Walsh, who contributed to their formation and outreach preparation, they participated in various local events in Germany but also in Austria and the USA. Spread in different countries, these young people today continue to share the love of Christ with young people through their lives and in creative ways.


On the occasion of World Youth Day 2008 in Sydney, a new international youth ministry was launched to bring pilgrims together and lead them into a closer discipleship with Jesus. At the first Firebrandz event approximately 200 youth from many Asian countries gathered in Melbourne, Australia for worship, testimonies, training, fun and much more.

Edwyn and Karen D’Souza are received into the ICPE Mission in Singapore as the first “Companions of the ICPE Mission” with a renewable covenant of one year. The Companions of the ICPE Mission are covenanted members who live the charisms of the Mission, yet are not living in the residential ICPE communities around the world.

‘Corporación La Communidad’ 
The leader of ‘Corporación La Communidad’, a large and very active Centre for Evangelisation and community in Medellín, Colombia, met with the leadership of the ICPE Mission, to further explore the option of their becoming associated to the Institute for World Evangelisation. Since then, “Corporación La Communidad’ formally became an associated community within the Institute for World Evangelisation.

HopeXchange Medical Center Dedication Ceremony 
In October, the HopeXchange Medical Center in Kumasi, was formally dedicated in a ceremony featuring a keynote address by the former President of Ghana, H.E. John Kufuor and remarks by Ghanaian and international dignitaries, including the Honorable Donald G. Teitelbaum, U.S. Ambassador to Ghana.

In his dedication address, President Kufuor expressed his appreciation to HopeXchange and praised the HopeXchange Medical Center as a shining example of the international community working hand in hand with local organizations to improve healthcare for the people of Ghana.


Closure of ICPE Allerheiligen and establishment of ICPE Mannheim 
For almost 20 years, the ICPE Mission Centre in Allerheiligen, Germany was a hub of community life, mission training and evangelistic activity throughout Germany and the rest of Europe. Due to changing circumstances and the need to be more integrated in the country of Germany, the ICPE Mission Centre moved from Allerheiligen to the city of Mannheim in the summer of 2009. We are deeply grateful to God for the faithfulness He has shown throughout the years in Allerheiligen. The new Mission centre in Mannheim will focus on evangelistic work in Mannheim itself as well as the rest of Germany.

ICPE Mission USA 
For many years, friends of the ICPE Mission in Oregon, USA have been praying and preparing for a future ICPE presence in this beautiful American State. In August 2009 Mark and Patricia Dol were sent to Oregon to pioneer this mission ground together with Clint and Maureen Bentz.

Friends of the ICPE Mission 
In April, Edgard Wirtz is the first to pronounce his commitment as a Friend of the ICPE Mission, a new way of belonging to the extended spiritual family of the ICPE Mission.

ICPE Seminarians 
The first 3 ICPE Seminarians - Alliston, Tony and Francis - flew from India where they had been studying, to the Archdiocese of Cape Coast, Ghana. There they received further priestly formation and were engaged in pastoral work under the patronage of Cardinal Peter Turkson. Later Francis and Tony were granted a scholarship to study Theology at the Urbaniana Ponticifical College in Rome. Alliston remained in Cape Coast where he received minor orders and further preparation for his priestly ordination.


25th Anniversary 
2010 is a significant milestone as we celebrate 25 years of the ICPE Mission - a year of gratitude to God for His faithfulness, His guidance and the gift of every person that has left their mark in the ICPE story. It is also an opportune time to continue to seek how we can live out our call and charisms in a more effective and relevant way wherever God calls us. The ICPE Mission leaders met in Singapore in July for a time of prayer and discussion.

Ordination of first ICPE Priest 
On 10th April 2010, Fr Alliston Fernandes became the very first ICPE priest when he was ordained in Mangalore, India. Alliston joined the ICPE mission in 2002. Throughout the following years he continued living and serving as an ICPE missionary in Bangalore and studied at a local seminary. He spent his final year of studies under the guidance of Cardinal Peter Turkson of Capecoast, Ghana where he was ordained deacon.

General Consultation 
Throughout this year, each ICPE community went through a process of consultation regarding the very essence of who we are as ICPE missionaries - our spirituality, our missionary call - and long-term goals for the future. These discussions culminated in a General Consultation in November, which saw members representing each ICPE Mission Centre coming together in Indonesia for a time of prayer and further consultation to define the way forward.


South Korea 
In July, 5 young Koreans took their first covenant as Companions of the ICPE Mission. These members are now serving to further the ICPE charism and spirit in their environment and in society.

Another 8 people have gone through a formation programme towards becoming Companions of the ICPE Mission and have entered into discernment with regards to the covenant.

Youth 4 Glory 
Through its international youth ministry Firebrandz, the ICPE Mission once more organized a pre-World Youth Day Festival. This was held in collaboration with the Youth Section of the Spanish Charismatic Renewal. Through various spiritual input and activities, youth attending this festival were inspired and enthused in preparation for the World Youth Day in Madrid.

On the 7th October, a Deed of Transfer was signed in Mainz handing over the property of Allerheiligen to the Managers of the restaurant in Allerheiligen. With this, a chapter in the history of the ICPE Mission was therefore closed - a history of 19 years of ministry in and out of Allerheiligen, of the many people for whom Allerheiligen was their home for some or many years and a history of the numerous others from all over the world who were touched by God as they participated in the many Schools of Mission and the many other ministries and activities. These years are marked by countless stories of God’s love, mercy and faithfulness. The ICPE Mission continues to operate in Germany through its Mission Centre in Mannheim.

Corporación La Comunidad, Medellín 
Sunday the 9th of October 2011 marked another important highlight in the story of the ICPE Mission. A vibrant community, Corporación La Comunidad based in Medellín, Colombia was received as an 'Associated Member of the Institute for World Evangelisation - ICPE Mission.'

An official declaration of this association was signed by Mario Cappello, President of the ICPE Mission and Jhon Jairo Vásquez, Head Co-ordinator of Corporación La Comunidad.


10th anniversary of our Pontifical recognition 
The Institute for World Evangelisation - ICPE Mission celebrates the 10th anniversary of its Pontifical recognition that was granted on the 19 May 2002. The culmination of the celebrations took place in Rome. Between the 13th and the 15th of August, the leaders of the GOGICC Local Communities in Europe met together with all the Leaders of ICPE Mission worldwide who were in Rome for two weeks of meetings. A highlight of this weekend was the Sunday Liturgy during which we offered up our Thanksgiving to the Lord on the occasion of this 10th anniversary. We were greatly blessed to have Cardinal Turkson celebrate the Sunday Liturgy for us.

Leaders meeting in Rome 
ICPE leaders met in Rome for two weeks. This was a time for prayer, reflection as well as discussion. In this time, it was clear that the Lord was affirming us in his call to us as lay missionaries, serving Him in the heart of the Church. As we prayed and shared, there were constant reminders of the Lord’s call, His presence with us, His invitation for us to be and work in communion with each other and the Church, moving continually from the ‘I’ to ‘we’ and His preparation to launch and further equip us as a Mission into a new season of evangelisation.

Priestly Ordination of Fr. Tony Alex 
Another joyful landmark of this year fell on the 6th of November when Fr. Tony Alex became the second ICPE priest to be ordained. The Archbishop of Bangalore himself, Dr. Bernard Moras, conferred the sacrament of Holy Orders at St. Patrick’s Church in Bangalore, India


Diaconate ordination of Francis Peter Vinod D'Souza
On the 11th May 2013, Francis Peter Vinod D'Souza received his Diaconate ordination at St Peter's Basilica in Rome. Francis' parents were able to attend the ordination and the celebration meal that followed. A joyous occasion for the ICPE Mission worldwide! 

Associate Members of ICPE Mission Singapore Covenant Retreat
During the weekend of Saturday 28th to Sunday 29 September, the Associate Members of ICPE Mission Singapore had 2 days of retreat as part of the preparation for covenant commitment.

A Historic Beginning in the Life of ICPE Mission Ghana
27th October, 2013: Fourteen Associate Members of the ICPE Mission acknowledge their first Covenant Commitment to form a Community of Companions, the first in the life of the ICPE Mission Ghana. Most of these brothers and sisters were formerly “Partners in Mission”, collaborating with the ICPE Mission's activities in Ghana since 2003. Mario Cappello was present in Ghana for this covenant celebration.


Companions in Singapore Covenant Celebration
On January 19, eight brothers and sisters took their covenant to become Companions of the ICPE Mission in Singapore, while one brother renewed his. It was a joyous event joined by over 120 guests comprising family, friends and members of the Earthen Vessels Catholic Community.