School Of Mission 2016 - Theology Of The Body

21-01-2017, Wellington, New Zealand

Theology of the Body week was a truly transforming week, in my opinion. Dr. Adam Cooper spoke about the difference between lust and love and he elaborated on the positive nature of desire. Dr. Cooper also spoke about the consequences of disordered desire and emphasized that it is only when we enthrone God in our lives that He can take away our disordered desire.

He explained the difference between shame and guilt which was quite profound, seeing as these two words are sometimes used interchangeably.

The talk on the key to self-mastery which is getting in touch with one’s feelings and offering these feelings to God for his glory was quiet enjoyable. 

We learnt about the sacrament of matrimony and this sacrament was labelled as a primordial sacrament seeing as the bible begins and ends with a marriage, both between man and woman and between Christ and his church. Dr. Cooper also spoke about marriage having three core features: Exclusivity, Permanence and Totality. 

We experienced a rather fitting end to the week with the men at the monastery honouring all the women for the role they play in Christ's Church.


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