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Staff Formation
Start Date: 21 Oct 2012
End Date: 14 Oct 2014

School of Mission
Start date: 22 Feb 2015
End date: 12 Jul 2015
Cost: NZD 6700


ICPE New Zealand

The ICPE New Zealand Mission Centre is located at
St Gerard's Monastery on Mt Victoria, Wellington boasting a spectacular view of Wellington harbour and the Capital City itself.

The Monastery and Church, built in 1932 and 1908 respectively, are considered a historic landmark. Home to the Redemptorist Fathers, the building was a beehive of evangelistic activity from the beginning. The buildings were later passed on to the ICPE mission, an ICPE community was started in 1995, and the Good News continues to spread from St Gerard's Monastery into the new Millennium.

Join us weekly:

Children's Liturgy of the Word

Faith F.U.E.L be a beacon of light to New Zealand
and the South Pacific region.

Walk into St Gerard’s and you will be greeted with warm hospitality, young people of all ages and nationalities, a sense of peace and purpose. With people from Europe, Asia, America and Australasia aged from the early 20s into the early 40s there is a dynamism here that is hard to miss. Our one purpose - that of knowing, loving and serving Jesus - makes our home a place where people can find the answers they have been searching for.

Our ongoing ministries are:

School of Mission
Our Schools of Mission are five-month long fully residential courses, offering the missionary lifestyle as a valid option for today’s Catholic youth. Participants are generally aged between 18 and 40, and come from countries around the world. In a cross-cultural setting, participants take part in four months of Catholic teaching followed by a month of hands-on missionary experience.

The schedule of the school includes prayer, liturgy, lectures, small groups, team work and fun and fellowship in a vibrant environment.

During the one-month outreach phase, participants are given the opportunity to experience hands-on missionary work... from visiting people in their homes, to street outreach, school retreats, parish seminars, prison ministry and more...

Parish Missions
Over the last years ICPE teams have visited dozens of parishes through the North and South Island. Our programme - "Becoming a more welcoming parish" - includes visiting people in their homes, running seminars, working with the parish youth, visiting children in parish schools and running retreats in local colleges.

After a 2009 mission in Auckland, 14 participants flew to Wellington for a follow-up weekend to grow deeper with Christ at St. Gerard’s Monastery.

The most recent Parish Missions took place in Upper Hutt, Waipukurau and New Plymouth in June 2010. Read more about our Parish Missions in the Ministries tab.

Prison Ministry
For over 12 years, ICPE missionaries and local volunteers have been bringing the Good News to the inmates of Rimutaka prison, hosting Bible sharing, faith teaching, and prayer meetings.

Over these years we have witnessed powerful conversions, some leading to baptism of inmates. It is wondrous to see those in captivity finding true freedom through a new faith in Christ.

School Retreats and Youth Ministry
Besides visiting Catholic Primary schools we also run retreats in Catholic Colleges around the country. These missions range from individual visits to classrooms for an hour to whole day retreats. The topics we cover are diverse: our Identity in God, Relationship with God, Right Relationships, Sexuality, Growth in Maturity, Leadership etc...

We also minister to various youth groups, training them in their walk of discipleship and leadership through weekend workshops.

Faith F.u.e.l.
Faith forming, upbuilding, evangelising and living is our weekly Faith formation programme for the whole Family and is offered to all after our Sunday Mass.

After the Sunday mass and some time of fellowship, a good number of our congregation stays for an hour of teachings and small groups from 12-1pm.

There are three groups that meet simultaniously: the very young (up to 8 years), the "Christ's Ninja Club" (age 9-12 years) and adults.

Topics we touch are: reading the Word of God, understanding the Bible, living in the Holy Spirit, Mary and the saints etc.

Worship Nights
Our Worship Nights have become a monthly highlight... the last Friday of each month sees the Church filling with young people who come together for a celebration of praise and worship to our God.

Through contemporary Christian music, testimony and preaching, all are encouraged to worship the Father in spirit and in truth, and to continue to grow in their walk with God.

Mothers' and Fathers' Prayers
"Mothers' Prayers" is a weekly meeting for women who want to pray for their children - young and old. The ministry was brought to New Zealand by Eileen Romanos - one of our ICPE community members. Her husband, David, leads the "Fathers' prayers".

Every Tuesday these two groups meet at St Gerard's Monastery. In addition, over these last years Eileen and David have established numerous Mothers' Prayers groups throughout New Zealand.

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