Anna i Jacek Saj

Dorota i Paweł Skrzek

Małgorzata i Marek Fedor

Anna Szymanek

Gabriela Saj

Michał Saj

ks. dr hab Sławomir Pawłowski SAC

ICPE Mission Poland

Instytut ,Ewangelizacji Swiata Misja

ICPE Mission Poland is located in Lublin, the ninth largest city in Poland with a population of around 350.000 inhabitants. ICPE Mission Poland seeks to respond to God’s call to worship and evangelisation through new ways and forms. A flourishing ministry is ‘Army of Kids’.This ministry that was founded with the aim of reaching out to children and their parents as well as to youth. Jacek and Ania Saj, the Coordinators of the ICPE Mission in Poland brought together more than 40 people together who are very engaged in this ministry. ‘Army of Kids’ that holds activities in Lublin itself but also throughout the country of Poland.

In April of 2014, 18 brothers and sisters acknowledged their first preliminary Covenant thus forming the first Community of Companions of the ICPE Mission in Poland.

NewCompanions in Poland

Our ongoing events are:

Time of Glory and Night of Glory
– charismatic seminars organized every four months, gathering around 300 people at a time. Our guest speakers are anointed missionaries and evangelisers. These seminars are dedicated to worship, evangelisation and ministry.
Sunday School
– once a month we invite whoever is interested to a Eucharistic Celebration together - It’s a time of teaching, worship and joyful celebration.
Day of God’s Child
– an event dedicated to parents and children. It takes place four times a year. Games, Bible contests and worship with dancing and music form part of this day’s activities. Through these activities, children learn that spending time with God can be great fun!
– a ministry dedicated to women. These gatherings take place in an atmosphere of friendship and openness. The meetings revolve around a festive meal during which a testimony from one of the guests is shared and then followed by a time of worship and blessing.

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