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Seminars and retreats

 Planted and built up in Christ Jesus, firm in faith (Col 2:7)
- the call of Pope Benedict XVI to all youth at the World Youth Day 2012

Do you want to be planted in Christ?
How can I be built up in Christ Jesus?
How can I be firm in my faith when everyone around me does not believe? 

If you have these, and more questions, come to our seminars and retreats where you will:

  • discover the immense beauty and love of God who has created and called you by name
  • encounter Jesus more deeply and experience his love, healing and fullness of life
  • be set free to be and become the person whom God has called
  • discover your call and take concrete steps to respond
  • grow as a disciple
  • meet others who desire to follow Jesus like you do
  • learn to live the Word of God in your daily life
  • experience Christian community
  • learn to serve...

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