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My call to be a missionary

At 24 years old, I was seeking the meaning of life and wondering what the Lord had in mind. Newly armed with a law degree from Cambridge University and working in a premier law firm, the desire in my heart was how to create a better society. My search led me to the beginnings of a serious prayer life and deeper encounter with God as the one who loves me, and who continues to be very present in our world today, actively at work and faithful to his covenant of love with us. Captured by God’s love, it was easy to surrender my life into the Lord’s hands and desire to do nothing but His will. So the adventure began. Through a series of God-incidences, I attended the ICPE School of Mission in Rome in 1988 and felt that God was inviting me to be a lay missionary.

Since then, there has been no looking back. Over the years, I have had the chance of sharing the Good News in over 14 nations. Currently, I am serving in the ICPE Mission in Philippines, working with the poor families there. It is a mission of sharing the Good News and Hope of Christ in the lives of those who seem to have no hope, no prospects for the future, seeing Jesus touch the lives of people concretely.

I am simply the hands and feet of Jesus today. It is the Spirit who does the work of conversion. The experiences of seeing a husband and wife no longer constantly fighting but learning to love and communicate more after their experience of God’s love, a man who was brokenhearted and consoling himself through drink, now picking his life up again and being filled with joy, children who are not able to go to school now having the chance of an education as well as experiencing the tangible provision of God in their lives. These are perhaps small experiences, a drop in the ocean yet they are precious lives and each makes a difference. After 20 years of being a missionary, my desire to create a better society is being fulfilled as the just and more loving society begins from within, and our hearts can only be changed by the love of God.

Esther Fong, Singapore