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The transforming grace of community

As soon as I entered the Monastery, surprisingly God started to speak to me very clearly, addressing and resolving issues that I had been dragging for years. I pondered on the words "In my distress you have set me free, You have rescued me in Your faithful love" During the months of the school God renewed His promises, inviting me to "stay with Him" in this community for a year in order to test His goodness and be attentive to His voice. A dear sister said to me "There are no logical reasons to live in a community, instead it is about learning a new spirituality that brings us closer to God's trinitarian heart" Community life for me was a challenge, but it was also exciting to witness that God is in control of all that happens and to feel part of a team of men and women who sincerely seek to glorify God with their lives. This was for me a time of grace during which I am confronted with Jesus' words "Unless a wheat grain falls into the earth and dies, it remains only a single grain, but if it dies it yields a rich harvest"

Daniela Parrino, Italy