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From Darkness to Light

I was a drug addict for five years. Life for me before was meaningless for me and I had no direction. I felt that I was ‘dead’ as I could not feel my emotions. Nothing could make me feel sad or happy. I did not know how to receive love from my family nor maintain relationships with anybody. All I wanted was drugs and more drugs. Nothing and nobody meant anything to me. The helpless state of my situation drove me to attempt suicide a few times. I thought I could never escape from this state.

By God’s grace, I had an encounter with God in 2001 which encouraged me to seek more of God in my life. Despite initial hesitation, I attended the School of Evangelisation in India. There, I received God’s healing for my life. With alot of struggle and perseverance, I managed to stop taking drugs. I have since remained with the ICPE Mission. I am still in the process of healing and growing in my relationship with the Lord. I am grateful for God’s transformation work in my life and the love I have found in my relationship with Jesus.

Raymond Tediandra, Indonesia