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My empty life was transformed into a life of fulfillment in Jesus

My greatest desire has always been to see Jesus, performing miracles in Galilee. I wanted to see Him, just as the Apostles did. One day my Mum invited me to a retreat centre where people were said to experience the miraculous working of the power of God. I thought that it might be the chance to see what once upon a time happened in Galilee. We went there. Up till that point, my life was "normal". I was a good child, my school marks were not bad, I did not go for the so-called "night life". However, when I failed in my university studies, I started to feel that my life was empty and worthless. During that retreat I experienced something unusual. With my own eyes I saw the things described in the Gospel. People were converted, did penance, were miraculously healed. I saw a deaf girl who said the words: "Glory be to God".

Yet the greatest miracle was the fact that people found new joy and peace in a close relationship with Jesus. I saw Jesus doing in India what He did 2000 years ago in Galilee. I came back home and started to read the Holy Scripture and pray regularly. Soon afterwards, during a Lent retreat I understood how much God loved me, because He sacrificed His Son for the sake of my redemption. I remember how I was praying then to God, asking Him to enter my life again. I entrusted to Him the emptiness of my life and all my sorrows. I discovered that I had a Friend who will never forsake me. I also understood that Galilee is everywhere people want to see Jesus and give their lives to Him.

Esther Saldanha, India