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God brings victory and blessing, even through cancer

Between 1990 and 1992 I lived in Malta as an ICPE full-time missionary with my husband - Wimpie - and my son - Ryan, who was still a baby at that time. In 1992 we decided to go back home, that is to Jakarta, Indonesia, to discern God's calling for us as a family.

Soon after I arrived back home I gave birth to my second son and then I got very sick and felt a lot of pain in my back. I often went to see the doctor, yet after 2 months of visits the pain was getting worse. In November of that year, by God's grace we could afford to go to Singapore to do a biopsy. Once there I got very shocking news, the doctors told me that I was suffering from a very serious illness called Multiple Myeloma, which in layman's terms is - bone marrow cancer. Doctors found there were 2 spots consumed by cancer in my head and my backbone. My first reaction was to complain with God: "Why is this sickness happening to me, I am only 26 years old? Why me Lord! I have served You and will do anything for You and what do I get - a sickness in return."

I thank God for my husband Wimpie, who always encouraged me to surrender to God. After praying together, I found that I could do this. I asked for God's strength and said, "I want to fight this sickness with You, Lord. I know You will look with compassion on me for you know that I have 2 sons who are just 2 years old and 2 months old. I want to be with them till they grow up and care for them." By His grace I believed that God will answer my prayers.

I did the chemotherapy treatment for 5 years. But after the first 6 months, the doctor found that the marrow was clear. It was a surprise for them, but I believe this was God's work. During my sickness I held onto Romans 8:28. Every time I was shaken I read this passage and it strengthened me to believe that all things work out together for good to those who love God.

My Buddhist family saw the works of God in me through the sickness and finally they became Christian. All the pain and suffering that I have been through was nothing compared to the repentance of my family.

Chairny Santoso, Indonesia