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God's Provision for our little family

Married in December 2004, Joy and Raymond served in the ICPE Mission Philippines community together with their twin daughters for several years. Here is their testimony...

Being ICPE missionaries, we depend on God’s providence to provide for our lives. When Raymond and I found out that we would be having twins after a few months of our marriage, we felt fear, anxiety. We were worried whether we could provide for these babies financially, physically and emotionally. At that time we questioned God and wondered if He could really provide for us.

But God has been very kind and faithful to His promise. Despite our doubts, He has been faithfully providing for us through the support of our benefactors who supported our missionary call. From the very first day, all the necessary things that we need had been provided. We can say that we have not lacked any single necessity in our daily life. All Glory to God!!

Raymond and Joy Tediandra, Indonesia/Philippines