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God weaves our gifts and weaknesses into a beautiful tapestry

Coming from an only nominally Catholic background, I entered into a personal experience of the Lord as a teenager through a vibrant youth group in our parish. So it was a fortunate situation to consciously take the basic life decisions regarding my career and direction in life, out of this relationship with God.

As a university student, I had my first experience with an evangelistic outreach, which brought a new revelation to me that God could use me - with my particular mix of talents and weaknesses - to build His kingdom. I discovered a deep desire in my heart to focus my energies on something that can really make a difference in our world (not just increase the profits of some company). So after graduating I began to live as a full-time lay missionary. A number of years later, the Lord led me to the ICPE community, which encompassed many aspects of my vision and personal calling - Catholic, with an international focus, a lay community - and which has been my home for these last years.

When I chose not to pursue a career in my field of studies (as a translator and interpreter for German, English and Spanish), I thought I was giving up something for God, but to my amazement, God has not only "resurrected" this skill in the context of Christian conferences (sometimes before thousands of people) but has also used it to bring me into contact with many leaders who have had an important influence on the development of my call and vision.

Not that these past 16 years have always been easy; there have also been many challenges and personal struggles along the way - out of which came also deep experiences of God's intervention and His healing power in my life. I am seeing more and more how God is even turning these into something precious for others as He is allowing me to minister His love and compassion to broken people. An almost forgotten dream is also beginning to come true as God is launching me into ministry to His broken people in the area of inner healing and Christian prayer counselling.

I can only marvel at God's skilfulness and loving care in how He is able to weave all of a person's talents, gifts, dreams, desires, and even our hurts and life's difficult experiences into something beautiful for His glory. For His thoughts are so much higher than our own.

Dagmar Ludwig, Austria