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As I receive God's hope in my life, I can give hope to others...

I was sixteen when I first met the ICPE Mission. I was a Sixth Form student, studying hard and wondering about my future. I was experiencing a renewal in my faith, and knew that I wanted to grow closer to God and to serve Him. As I watched students from the ICPE School doing their outreach programme I remember a feeling of excitement. They inspired me to live my own life to glorify God and to share His love. I joined a local community, received formation, reached out in little ways, but the desire to serve God more radically was always there.

Although I wished to join up for an ICPE School, I never thought I would be good enough. Maybe I didn’t believe God wanted me. It was during a two week outreach in Augsburg, Germany, that I heard God calling me to run the race and live a radical life for Him. The day after my 21st birthday, I moved to Allerheiligen in the Black Forest for what was to be the beginning of a long and enriching journey with Jesus. Many years have since gone by and God has transformed my life in ways I never dreamed possible.

I quickly realised that in order to be a missionary I first needed to experience God’s transforming work in my own life. Mother Theresa’s words are a constant reminder that we need to know Jesus before we can make Him known. This has been the journey for me. I haven’t become an eloquent preacher and I have not evangelised thousands. Rather, I am daily being evangelised myself, and the result is infectious! As I receive God’s hope in my life, I can give hope to others. As I experience His love, I can love others and show them a glimpse of His eternal love. As I seek Jesus in my own moments of doubt and questioning, I can offer real answers to the questions of those around me.

Lucienne Hensel, Malta