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Jesus chose me, a woman...

We live in an age of equality - an age when women are standing up for themselves and rising to positions they never dreamed of a few years ago. Society is different from what it was in my growing up years. As a child, I remember thinking that boys had much more fun.. I felt, albeit subconsciously, at a disadvantage. I did not realise till much later how much the attitude in society affected me.

I remember a teacher telling the few girls in my 6th form science class that we were wasting our time. Apparently we (females) were “only good for marriage and children” and would never have a career, “marriage and children” therefore seeming a less honourable and desirable future. At my workplace, the same message was repeated, sometimes implicitly, sometimes not. Women were looked on as being weak, moody, incapable of holding responsible positions. So I set out to be efficient, brainy, in control and generally “unfeminine” in the way I looked and behaved.

When I was 21 I gave up my job and left home to become a missionary, having experienced God’s loving touch and heard His call. Serving God in a community of loving men and women brought deep changes into my life. In prayer, and through my brothers and sisters, God started changing the picture I had of myself, particularly as a young woman. I realised I had always looked down on myself. There was a sense of humiliation in me which was quite painful to face up to. In these moments I chose to focus on Jesus and asked Him to show me who I was in His eyes.

It has been a long journey... The closer I have come to knowing Jesus, the more I discover a woman created with a dignity, beauty and strength that is my very own. I am now a wife, a mother and also a missionary. The healing I have experienced has brought new joy, and a freedom to fulfill those roles with a feminine touch!

Even more importantly than the roles I fulfill, is the sense of being loved by the One who created me and the fact that He has chosen me, a woman, to follow Him and be His close companion. Rather than being efficient and in control, I now treasure the gift of sitting at Jesus’ feet and letting Him be my everything. And when I feel challenged and wonder how to go on, Our Lady always reminds me to keep my eyes on Jesus and follow, with head held high, in the path that He has chosen for me.

Lucienne Hensel, Malta