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Staff Formation, Philippines

One of the highlights of the Staff Formation was the teachings that allowed me to find myself and confirm what my heart already knew but found difficult to express. All of these led me to a deep experience at our discernment retreat, and was expressed and ‘exploded’ in my project and teachings that I gave during the LISS and to the youth at Fondacio.

Karolina Fromont, Poland

One of the most important things that happened was that God deepened my desires to worship Him through music; particularly in playing drums and prophetic singing. During this time He taught me how to move in the Spirit and grow in music skills. I am grateful for this time to sharpen my ‘treasure’.

Karol Fromont, Poland

The Staff Formation has been a time of discovering more of God and self through a community of brothers and sisters. I’ve learnt how to live more fully, aware of God’s immense love, my limitations and seeing God more in the lives of others.

Joan Foo, Malaysia