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School of Mission

The school of mission was the most incredible faith experience of my life! I came to the school missing a sense of purpose and lacking a complete trust in God. Through every aspect of the school, I was led into a deeper awareness of God's faithfulness, and a deeper knowledge of myself.

Michela Barter, Canada

The ICPE School challenged me to let go of the comfortable, and to embrace Jesus very radically. My expectations in coming to the school have been exceeded, and the real lessons I have learnt have come as a result of living in a community where holiness, worship, prayer and discipleship are truly lived out.

Ryan O'Hara, USA

Coming to the ICPE School I did not expect any great change in my life…. But as I opened my heart to God, He poured His love and caused my faith to overflow! Throughout the course, love for Him has grown deep within me, and I've learned to have a personal relationship with Christ. I am now more keenly aware of the importance of sharing the abundance of faith God has given to me, by ministering to others

Amanda Phillips, Canada