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School of Mission

The School of Mission was a great way for me to know God in ways which I hadn't encountered before. We had the chance to go out and tell people of the faith we share. I will never forget giving my testimony on the streets - lifting Jesus' Cross high so everyone could see...

Luke Dowle, UK

The ICPE School was a precious time for me - God was opening up new horizons before me so I could see who I am and who He is. He is inviting me to reach out for these new horizons. What a wonderful and exciting privilege it is to serve Him!

Fr Juraj, Slovakia

The highlight of my school was living in an international community and the outreach. I was touched by the way God used me to reach out and to love the people of New Zealand.

Celine Lee, Singapore

The four months with ICPE in New Zealand were an amazing experience for me. I learned to become aware of God's presence and love in every situation... I felt challenged to surrender my life to Jesus in a deeper way, setting my heart on his kingdom and on his will for my life first. This School was instrumental in teaching me to ask for God's will for my life, especially in the area of job and vocation.

Martin Dobner, Germany