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The barrier comes tumbling down

Several years ago I experienced God healing me from an unhealthy relationship that presented itself as a big barrier along my journey towards Him. I was healed from a very deep dependant relationship with my sister.

Despite the fact that my sister is six years older than I, we got on very well together. We are very alike in our behaviour, opinions, hobbies etc. and my childhood, thanks to her, was very nice.

The stumbling block appeared when I was 18 - my sister got married and moved about 100 miles away from our village. Now we could only see each other once a fortnight, which was very hard for me. During the following period of 10 months I completely reached the bottom, I wasn't interested in anything. I also experienced a barrier in my relationship with God, as though something prevented me from going further along the journey towards Him. Even though I knew clearly that during these 10 months my problem was that of putting my sister first in my life, I wasn't able to surrender this strong dependence on my own.

I needed God's grace and He really gave it to me. Once I was at a prayer meeting where a priest was praying for healing of all our unhealthy and disorderly relationships: the kind of relationships where we put other human beings first in our lives, and make idols out of them. As the priest was praying for us, I felt all my dependence on my sister and all the barriers which obstructed my relationship with God come tumbling down.

After this healing experience, not only did my crisis and depression disappear but it left me with a deep sense of joy and peace. Needless to say, my relationship with God changed. I noted that I could receive more grace in my life and how easily I could grow in the Lord now that this great barrier was out of the way. It was Him, who removed the barrier between him and me.

And what about the relationship with my sister? It is still very nice but there isn't any dependence anymore but an honest and loving sisterly relationship.

Jitka Svozilovz, Czech Republic