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Woman to Woman

Promoting the dignity and vocation of women everywhere.

Today's woman listens more to witnesses than to teachers, and if she listens to teachers it is because they have first been witnesses (1 Jn 1:2-3).

This ministry to women was founded on the ICPE women missionaries' personal experience of the liberating Truth of the Gospel about themselves, their vocation and the world around them.

The truth of their newfound identity is what motivates them to reach out to other women so that these too might live as women full of dignity and purpose.

Promoting the dignity and vocation of women everywhere

Mission Statement

Committed to the call for a "new evangelisation", Woman to Woman is dedicated to bringing women of all cultures to the knowledge of God and a personal encounter with His transforming love.

It seeks to promote and support the dignity and the true identity of women so that wherever they are, they can become catalysts in building a "culture of life" and a "civilisation of love"

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Are you interested in knowing more about the "Woman to Woman" Ministry in your area?

This ministry is active in most ICPE Mission centres as a regular event.

Alternatively you can get in contact with one of our woman missionaries on an ICPE Mission centre near you for prayer and personal support.

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