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Through our youth ministry we seek to introduce young people to Jesus - the most precious treasure that they can have - that in falling in love with Him, they may seek to follow Him as His disciples and receive grace and power to be witnesses of the hope He brings.

College Missions

We present the Good News to college students through creative arts, personal testimonies and short teachings. Themes covered include sexuality, identity as man and woman, relationships, self-acceptance. The foundation of all sessions is the unconditional love of God and salvation in Jesus Christ!

School Missions

Using mimes, dance and music, we present the Good News to students in Primary Schools.

Youth Weekends

We gather young people from different parts of the country to come together for a weekend of prayer, adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, teachings, reflection and fun!

Worship Nights

God inhabits the praises of His people! These evenings of worship are led by our worship band and we provide young people a forum to express their love of God through music and loud praises. Guest speakers preach on themes of Christian living and discipleship and people are always invited to respond to God’s word through prayer ministry.

Young adults prayer meeting

A forum for young working adults to gather in an atmosphere of faith, to re-focus on the real treasure of their lives amidst the worries and stress of the working world. In an intimate setting of small groups, people are able to share deeply with one another and to receive prayer support and encouragement.

School of Mission

The School of Mission is a five-month fully residential course that offers the missionary lifestyle as a valid option for today’s Catholic youth. Generally, people from ages 18-40 participate. It employs both instruction and outreach as means of formation. Through a cross-cultural community setting, participants take part in four months of Catholic teaching and formation followed by a month of hands-on missionary experience. The schedule of the school includes prayer, liturgy, lectures, small groups, team work, and fun and fellowship in a vibrant and international environment. The one-month outreach may consist in conducting seminars, door-to-door outreaches, and school and college missions. Click here to find out more..


Firebrandz is the international Youth Ministry of the ICPE Mission. Click here to find out more about it!

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Erik Sebastian, Malaysia says:

"The youth retreat that was organized by the ICPE group at St. Gerard's Monastery was a very good experience and truly meaningful. I have attended a couple of retreats back home in Malaysia but to be honest this experience was totally different from the others. Firstly the community of ICPE NZ are all fantastic and open minded individuals dedicated to serving the word of God. Secondly, I got to meet so many different people from all over the world. Thirdly, through the help of the community I was able to improve and solidify my relationship with God. If I were to be asked how this retreat can be improved, I would suggest ICPE to extend the length of the retreat because I speak on behalf of all the other young people: 3 days is a little short!! :D Keep up the good work, lots of love and God bless!"

Erik Sebastian, Malaysia, December 2010